EvoClear Water Softener Maintenance


EvoClear is known for its water conditioner and filter systems, technology which is revolutionizing the way we process and drink water. Eliminating the need for bottled water, its filter systems are a one-of-a-kind wonder that can benefit any homeowner—but EvoClear is not done there.  

Water Softener Maintenance

Also available are salt free water softeners, drastically increasing the quality of the water you drink. Hard water can be negatively affected by pipe systems, and also vice versa, which is why softer water is a great help to anyone’s home. An EvoClear salt free water softener can prevent scale deposit inside pipes, keeping them clean and smooth; you will also begin to notice an increase in quality of your regulated temperature water systems, along with any appliance in your house that uses water. In hard water, there is calcium, and this unfortunately may occasionally attach itself onto the insides of pipes, or on any surface. Water softeners prevent this!

 Exchanging an old system for new water softener, maintenance of your pipes will be a lot easier. Immediately the new system will cleanse any scale that might have accumulated within the pipes, and you will see an end to white scum and unnecessary decomposition of your appliances. Home systems that employ hard water are much more likely to invoke plumbing problems, due to the deterioration caused by hard water and its calcium. No one likes adding chemicals to their water or their pipes—and with a water softener, you won’t have to. You can also forget about enduring tough cleaning in the bathroom and under the sink; most of it will simply be taken care of for you. Not only are you helping the environment by forsaking plastic water bottles, receiving healthy water, drinking water of the best quality, but you are also reducing the amount of work you have to do (and helping plants, since studies have shown hard water is detrimental to the health of plants).

The water softener maintenance system uses a four stage process, beginning with a pre-filter that will draw out particles in the water (sand, dirt, etc). Any hidden chemicals that may be lurking in your water will be filtered (pesticides, chlorine, and so on). Lime is sent back into the water in an activated state and stabilize, preventing any built-up residue. Calcium carbonate is distributed to the lime crystals, and this leads to clean, healthy pipe systems, something everyone would want.

Are you tired of buying bottled water every week? Has your recycle bin been filling up like crazy? Is the taste of tap water just not doing it, and are you worried about the chemicals that might be hidden in it? With a water softener maintenance system, there are no worries—only clean and delicious water, filtered through EvoClear’s special product and distributed through your tap. The best water in the world is only an arm’s length away, and it doesn’t come in a disposable bottle! It’s new, it’s healthy, and it’s delicious.